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FRA is a full service office that covers all areas of the law and is distinguished by trust, loyalty and complicity with all its clients.
Betting on service diversity, with several partnerships in the areas of architecture, engineering, surveying, accounting, new information technologies, among others, in order to practice law with the utmost discipline and expertise.
It became key reference in the legal sector and leading law firm due to its dynamism, capacity and quality client service.

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We have years of experience in the different areas of Law


Our team is made up of professionals in different areas of Law


With us you can always count on accuracy and trust in the service we provide


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FRA is composed by a multidisciplinary team,
whose aim is to provide a greater accuracy in legal practice.

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    The FRA team has proven experience in urban planning law, as the person responsible for all legal processing of processes related to urban operations, with the competent entities, namely in allotment processes, plot highlights, rectification of areas, licenses, among others. Partnerships with architecture, engineering and topography offices, make FRA a

    The FRA team ensures the practice of the most diverse acts of registration in person and online, in the commercial, building, civil and automobile areas, guaranteeing the correct accuracy of the registered acts. It also promotes the obtaining of the documents necessary for the processing of registration applications, as well

    The FRA carries out its activity in the area of civil law, which, due to its high technical legal requirement, as well as its importance and dimension, requires an enormous commitment and dedication in its study. Civil law protects the legal life of people in their private relationships, whether patrimonial,

    Training is a tool that contributes to specialization and improvement of work capacities that can, and should, be used in favor of companies. It allows workers to acquire knowledge and techniques capable of promoting productivity. FRA, aware of this factor, develops training plans in the areas of Law, adjusted to

    The discipline, trust and expertise at the service of our clients