Fradinho Ribeiro Advogados offers a wide range of legal services to its clients, be it in Portugal or the Portuguese communities around the world.
Our lawyers are able to represent the most demanding clients in various matters.

Training is a tool that contributes to the specialization and improvement of work capacities that can and should be used in favour of companies and thus an added value. It enables workers to acquire knowledge and skills that can foster innovation and increase productivity.
FRA, aware of this factor, develops training plans tailored to the specific needs of each company and guarantees training in legal matters, organizing multidisciplinary teams to respond to various issues, in strict compliance with national legislation and accompanied by training entities.

The FRA team performs the most diverse online and on-site registration, in the commercial, real estate, civil and automotive areas, guaranteeing the correct accuracy of the registered acts. Performs translations, certifications, acknowledgments and authentications.

FRA team has proven experience in town planning and construction, specifically allotment processes, land detachments, rectification of areas, among others. Partnerships with engineering, architectural and topography offices make the FRA a reference in the outstanding accomplishment of such acts.
In the real estate sector, we enter into a variety of contract, registration and notarial acts, such as lease, purchase and sale contracts, among others, anywhere in the country and Portuguese communities around the world, offering security and precision in execution of these acts.

The FRA team also has extensive experience in the processing and follow-up of insolvency proceedings and recovery of companies, special processes of revitalization, etc. We defend and witness the “Fresh Start” of our customers.

FRA has been strengthening its knowledge and experience in these areas, providing permanent legal support to the company and its partners, offering a wide range of services, which allows the stability, integrity and transparency of documents and legal behaviour of the company.

FRA, in order to mediate and conciliate a wide range of family disputes, provides a service in juvenile rights, divorce, parental responsibility and division of inheritance.

FRA has extensive experience in conducting and guiding Criminal Litigation and Disciplinary proceedings from the enquiry-investigation to the judicial phase.
Given the extensive increase in legislation imposed on numerous sectors of society (trade, industry, construction, roads, etc.), FRA team is particularly involved in issues of a non-regulatory nature, practicing both, preventive and administrative or judicial defence of the fines imposed by administrative entities.

In this area, FRA has proven experience in the national and international registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.

FRA has particular focus in the area of labour law, specifically, drafting employment contracts and other legal instruments associated with the legal labour relation, procedures for labour relation termination, disciplinary proceedings, among others.
We provide labour law implementation services in companies, in order to develop adequate solutions to ensure compliance with their legal obligations in ACT, ASAE, FINANCE, ENVIRONMENT, etc.
Still in this scope, we have proven experience in labour litigation, defending the interests of both employers and workers.

The FRA carries out the practice of administrative, tributary and environmental litigation, possessing specialized training that allows the precision and sobriety in these process procedures.

FRA has a department dedicated to the implementation of the General Regulation of Data Protection (GRDP), helping companies to adopt technical and organizational measures capable of ensuring strict compliance with the Regulation.
FRA also provides Data Protection Officer (DPO) services certified by AEP.

Respect for legislation is central to a sustainable business growth, not following the law leads to unacceptable fines for the vast majority.
Legal requirements are often seen as barriers to economic growth. They are not. They cannot be. They should not be.
Permanent legal monitoring is required in order to ensure compliance with all legislation and safe and sustainable growth.
Our companies have time to think about growing. And yours?
At FRA we guarantee customized legal support tailored to the needs of each company.