Fradinho Ribeiro Advogados offers a wide range of legal services to its clients, whether in Portugal, or with Portuguese communities around the world.
Our lawyers are able to represent the most demanding clients, guided by a judicious professional attitude and promoting academic, jurisprudential and permanent doctrinal study, looking for continuous specialization and training in the areas of practice.

The FRA team has proven experience in urban planning law, as the person responsible for all legal processing of processes related to urban operations, with the competent entities, namely in allotment processes, plot highlights, rectification of areas, licenses, among others. Partnerships with architecture, engineering and topography offices, make FRA a model office in carrying out those acts, actively working with those teams in obtaining a strict compliance with the legal provisions in force, always seeking to fulfill the expectations of each client.
In the real estate sector, we celebrate the most diverse contractual, registration and notarial acts, in any part of the country and with Portuguese communities, offering security and rigor in the execution and execution of any acts.

The FRA team ensures the practice of the most diverse acts of registration in person and online, in the commercial, building, civil and automobile areas, guaranteeing the correct accuracy of the registered acts. It also promotes the obtaining of the documents necessary for the processing of registration applications, as well as preparing and accompanying public deeds.
It carries out translations, photocopy certification, signature recognition and document authentication.
By prior appointment, it carries out Authenticated Private Documents, namely: Purchase and sale of real estate, usufruct, use and housing, right to surface or easement, sharing of hereditary and corporate assets, repudiation and waiver of inheritance or legacy, constitution and liquidation of civil societies , constitution, assignment and modification of mortgages, common divisions, among others, allowing the execution of these acts in a faster and more convenient way for the parties.

The FRA carries out its activity in the area of civil law, which, due to its high technical legal requirement, as well as its importance and dimension, requires an enormous commitment and dedication in its study. Civil law protects the legal life of people in their private relationships, whether patrimonial, family or mandatory. As such, it has a huge influence on your life, settling conflicts and regulating those relationships. At FRA, we believe that technical rigor, coupled with proximity to our customers, are capable of providing an effective defense of the interests that drive our customers and our operations.

Training is a tool that contributes to specialization and improvement of work capacities that can, and should, be used in favor of companies. It allows workers to acquire knowledge and techniques capable of promoting productivity.
FRA, aware of this factor, develops training plans in the areas of Law, adjusted to the specific needs of each business client, collaborating with numerous schools and training companies, promoting rigor, knowledge and strict compliance with national legislation with companies.

The FRA team also has extensive experience in the processing and follow-up of insolvency proceedings and recovery of companies, special processes of revitalization, etc. We defend and witness the “Fresh Start” of our customers.

The FRA has been consolidating knowledge and experience in these areas of activity, providing permanent legal assistance to society and partners, offering a wide range of services for this purpose, under an agreement, which allows for the stability, seriousness and transparency of documents and behavior. company’s legal form.
The FRA team also has extensive experience in processing and monitoring insolvency and company recovery processes and special revitalization processes. We defend and witness the “Fresh Start” of our customers.

FRA, in order to mediate and reconcile the most varied family disputes, provides legal assistance in the most diverse areas of family law and succession, namely, representing and accompanying our clients in divorce and separation processes, parental responsibilities , sharing, adoption, interdiction, filiation and investigation of paternity, among many others. The focus of our lawyers is on the relentless fight for justice, which translates into the promotion of the defense of clients’ interests, in such sensitive cases that can substantiate the degradation of family relationships and the decrease in the quality of life of our clients.

FRA has extensive experience in conducting and guiding criminal and administrative offenses, from the investigation and investigation phase, to the judicial phase.
In view of the growing increase in legislation imposed on numerous sectors of society and the economy, the FRA team is particularly involved in issues of a counter-national nature, exercising its practice, both in the preventive sphere and in the course of administrative or judicial defense of the fines imposed. administrative entities.

In this area, FRA guarantees the protection and enhancement of industrial property rights, namely, patents, trademarks and designs, as well as copyright and related rights.
Industrial property aims to ensure that the use of a creation is the exclusive right of its creator. But, in order for it to protect itself against the unauthorized use of its creations, it is advisable to register nationally and / or internationally its brands, patents and designs, which the FRA promotes.
In terms of copyright and related rights, FRA ensures and defends its customers against the unauthorized use and copying of its creations.

In the area of labor law, FRA provides permanent legal support to companies, ensuring scrupulous compliance with legal obligations arising from the legislation in force. In this context, it implements and defends a culture of compliance with the legislation in force, both in the elaboration of documents (contracts, regulations, letters, maps, among others), and in the communication and relationship with the most diverse inspection entities.
The academic specialization in this area, allows a high commitment and rigor in the practice of labor litigation, as well as in the search for solutions that promote an effective defense of the interests of our clients, whether workers or employers.

FRA provides legal support in the areas of administrative, tax and environmental litigation, with specialized training in these areas. Partnerships with professionals in the areas of finance or the environment represent an added value, resulting in excellent monitoring and procedures for obtaining the best prevention and defense solutions for our clients.

FRA has a department dedicated to the implementation and formation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), helping companies to adopt technical and organizational measures capable of ensuring strict compliance with the legislation in force.
FRA also provides DPO (Data Protection Officer) services, with the certification of this competence being awarded by AEP (Associação Empresarial de Portugal).

Respect for legislation is central to a sustainable growth of companies and failure to do so leads to unaffordable fines for the vast majority.
Legal requirements are often seen as barriers to economic growth. They are not. They cannot be. They shouldn’t be.
Permanent legal monitoring is required in order to ensure compliance with all legislation and safe and sustainable growth.
Our companies have time to think about growing. And yours?
At FRA, we guarantee, through our covenants, personalized legal support tailored to the needs of each company.

With regard to private customers, we offer the search for concrete solutions that meet their expectations, with the premise of proximity to all our customers and their history. We defend, with all the technical and human capacity, their interests, accompanying them in difficulties and celebrating their victories with them. At FRA we carry out in-person and online legal consultations, for the best convenience of all those who trust and believe in us.